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Your Business

OK; so you`ve taken the leap and now you are a business owner. Now the real headaches begin. There are a million things on your plate, and we are here to help you manage them.

No time to track the endless pieces of paper? Receipts, bills, invoices etc. etc. Clarity Accounting & Tax Solutions can track it for you. We can take your bank statements, invoices, credit card receipts and make them into a set of books, a financial statement and an income tax return. We are here to keep it all straight so that you are able to know whether or not that big gamble-starting your own business-is paying off.

Maybe you are ready for the next level.  When revenues get to a certain level, and taxes are getting beyond a workable percentage, it can be time to incorporate. That may sound scary, but really it isn`t. Clarity Accounting & Tax Solutions can show you the advantages of owning a corporation versus owning a proprietorship. We can even incorporate you and have all the documents ready for you in a flash.

Corporations are separate entities from their owners, and they pay taxes at preferred rates. This can really be a big advantage.
Clarity Accounting & Tax Solutions can do this all for you, and legally keep the taxman out of your pocket.

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